Customer Service


Before wearing your jewelery, we advise you to check that:
- The clasp is fully-functional,
- The stones are properly secured in place and do not move – this can be checked by running a finger gently over the stones.

If you have any concerns, it would be advisable not to wear your item of jewelery until it has been checked by our jewelery services – it can be left at any Poiray boutique for this purpose.


Maison Poiray’s creations are produced from exceptional stones and precious metals, which are chosen for their aesthetic quality and rarity. By taking a few precautions, you will be able to preserve the original beauty of your item of jewelery.

To maintain the shine of your item of jewelery, we recommend that you consider removing it:
- When practicing any sport or aquatic activities (swimming, whether in a pool or in the sea), or undertaking any physical work such as housework, gardening, handywork etc.,
- When washing your hands.

We also advise that you do not expose your item of jewellery to the following:
- High temperatures: temperature variations can irreversibly damage precious stones,
- Corrosive or chemical products, such as those found in cosmetics (perfumes, make-up, etc.),
- Shocks.


To care for your item of jewelery and keep it clean and ready to wear, we recommend that you use a soft cloth.

Diamonds:To intensify the shine of your diamonds, you can clean them using lukewarm water, a mild pH-neutral soap and a soft brush, then rinse and dry them thoroughly using a soft cloth.

Coloured stones:In order to keep your Poiray creation sparkling and preserve the stones that adorn it, we recommend cleaning them using a soft cloth.

Pearls:Pearls require special care, and should be worn regularly in order to maintain their shine. We recommend that you avoid contact with corrosive or chemical products (cosmetics, perfumes, etc.) and clean them frequently using a soft cloth.

Maison Poiray’s stores will be delighted to undertake the servicing of your item of jewelery.


Maison Poiray's creations may become scratched by contact with other items of jewelery. Storing them individually in their original Poiray pouch will help to prevent this.

In order to prevent your chains from tangling, we recommend that you attach the clasps, lay the chains flat and handle them carefully.


Your watch has been manufactured using components that meet the highest technical standards for watchmaking quality.

It has undergone rigorous testing and control throughout the manufacturing process.

Your watch is engraved with the following:
- The description of the metal used: steel 316, gold 750/1000,
- The unique individual number on the back of the case, which identifies the watch and certifies its authenticity,
- The Poiray signature,
- The waterproofing level: 3 ATM or 5 ATM.


- In order to maintain the shine of your watch and its metal bracelet, we recommend that you clean them regularly using a soft cloth,
- It is essential that your watch undergoes regular maintenance. Any overhaul, repair or restoration required must be carried out by the watchmaking services of Maison Poiray,
- Ensure that the size of the bracelet or strap is a perfect fit,
- If you replace the bracelet or strap, we recommend that you store it in your Poiray case.

Leather and pearl bracelet:

Leather is a natural material that changes over time, and is susceptible to alteration. We recommend the avoidance of any contact of your bracelet with water, humidity, greasy substances or cosmetic products, together with any prolonged exposure to sunlight.

To be avoided:

In order to preserve your watch, we strongly suggest that you avoid the following:
- Any water, sports or manual activities that could damage the watch,
- Extreme temperatures, humid locations and variations in temperature,
- Strong magnetic fields, associated with a magnet or certain electronic devices,
- Chemical products including petrol, thinners, nail polish, perfumes or cleaning products that may damage the case or discolour the bracelets,
- Shocks.


Your watch has the indication “Water Resistant” engraved on the back of the case, together with the protection level (3 to 5 ATM).

A water-resistance check is strongly recommended every two years.

This control is carried out by Poiray’s services.

Recommendations:In order to preserve the water-resistance of your watch, we recommend that you ensure that the crown is always perfectly engaged.

It is imperative that you do not wear your watch in showers, baths, saunas and steam rooms: high temperature and humidity could damage the seals.It is also strongly recommended that you remove your watch before bathing.

If your watch fogs up under the glass, we recommend that you take it to the Poiray watchmaker service as soon as possible.


Poiray recommends that your watch be serviced every two years.


Poiray’s guarantee is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

It is honoured worldwide, and covers any manufacturing defects.

The guarantee does not cover normal deterioration of the case, crown, glass, bracelet or strap.

The following are also excluded from the warranty: loss, theft, defects or damage resulting from misuse, negligence, accident or repairs, modifications and manipulations carried out other than by Poiray watchmaking services.


All Poiray boutiques, as well as all our authorised distributors, have the facility to take charge of your watch and send it to our watchmaking services.

All operations carried out by our services are guaranteed for 12 months.

Any service performed other than by our Poiray watchmaking services will expose your watch to the risk of serious damage, which is not covered by the Poiray guarantee.