Our responsible commitment


An independent, French, family-owned jewellery and watch company, since 1975, Maison Poiray has accompanied generations of women in both their everyday lives and the special moments in their life. Poiray embodies a promise of excellence through its prestigious expertise and a responsible ethical, social and environmental commitment.

Every one of the Maison Poiray's creations is produced in accordance with ethical standards that value humans and the environment. All the stages, from design to sales, support socially, ethically and environmentally responsible practices, guaranteeing that all the resources used are purchased responsibly, especially gold, diamonds and stones. Within this framework, Maison Poiray ensures that its workshops are certified by one or all of the following accreditations and regulations: the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), Chain of Custody (CoC), Living Heritage Company (EPV), Reach, Kimberley.


All Maison Poiray’s creations are made from 18 carat gold (750/1000). The standards set out by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), encourage responsible practices that avoid contributing to conflict throughout the supply chain. The RJC certification confirms the implementation of responsible supply and production processes and is evidence of the commitment to guarantee the traceability of the gold. Maison Poiray ensures responsible purchasing that covers human rights and ethical, social and environmental practices. The CoC standard (Chain of Custody), in line with OECD guidelines, establishes the requirements for traceability and guarantees that materials come from recognised responsible sources and do not contribute to conflicts. This means that standards in terms of human rights, working conditions and environmental impact are respected in accordance with the policy set out in the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Code of Practices.


The provenance of its diamonds and compliance with the strict ethical, social and environmental principles relating to supply are of paramount importance to Maison Poiray. Respectful of the Kimberley process, and based on guarantees from its suppliers, Maison Poiray certifies that all its diamonds come from legal sources and exclude regions where diamond trafficking is involved in funding armed conflicts. The most beautiful diamonds, chosen by the company’s experts, are meticulously sorted and selected according to the manufacturing criteria for Poiray’s jewellery creations for a uniform sparkle. Every diamond larger than 0.3 carats has a GIA certificate (Gemological Institution of America), the internationally recognised institution that developed the diamond certification standard known as the 4Cs for colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.


In its collections, Maison Poiray features the rich colour palette offered by a range of precious and semi-precious stones. Maison Poiray's stones are natural, and each is carefully chosen by the company's expert to produce the Poiray jewellery creations. Special attention is paid to the traceability and responsible purchasing of precious and semi-precious stones. In order to control the social and economic impact of the supply chain, all Maison Poiray's specialist gemstone partners are selected for their conscientiousness and guarantee responsible purchasing.