Rive Droite collection

Collections - 25 Juin 2018

Collections - 25 Juin 2018

The time has never been better to amble from Place Vendôme to Trocadéro. Why? Rive Droite, the new watch from Poiray. So recognizable, immediately desirable.


Adopting a round face—a first for the House on rue de la Paix—Right Bank has bright, luminous capital icons. Like a playful Jean Seberg strolling down the Champs Elysées, it has the glimmer of the Tuileries fountains, while its convex motif evokes the Haussmann architecture of Paris. Naturally elegant, it combines precision and curve; the reassuring weight of metal with the infinite roundness of a stone.

Right Bank has the legacy of a Palais Royal Parisian, the chic, pristine look of Trocadero, and keeps its giddy, Pigalle evening charm. Rive Droite celebrates a generous, pleasing and confident femininity, suitable for all occasions in yellow gold or steel. But don’t keep it tied down: this watch is always ready for a new look. Changing, mischievous, chameleon-like, with Arabic numerals instead of Roman, the watch band can swap colors and materials, easily changing from exotic animal skins to neon leather, metallic rice grains to pearls or satin. Playful, it boasts a light and yet sumptuous dimension: adorned with 2, 4 or 12 lines of diamonds, Poiray’s Rive Droite is ahead of its game.


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